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How to push your meeting recaps into Salesforce
How to push your meeting recaps into Salesforce

Using our Salesforce integration you can pass your UpdateAI meeting recaps into your CRM.

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Creating a record in Salesforce about your Zoom meetings with customers is as simple as syncing your Salesforce account to UpdateAI.

Simply go to your Account Settings. Select the 'Integrations' tab. And connect to Salesforce.

Automatically map your meetings to Salesforce

Once your Salesforce account is synced, UpdateAI will automatically attempt to map your external meetings to the appropriate Account in Salesforce as a new Event.

Within that Event, UpdateAI will inject a link to the full meeting recap hosted on into the Description field.

How does UpdateAI know which Account in Salesforce to map to?

We do a lookup of the email addresses of the external invitees of your meeting (i.e. possible customers). If an email matches an Account in Salesforce, we know where to create the new Event record.

In the off-chance that there are multiple Accounts matched in Salesforce (e.g. a customer focus group), we will not take any automatic action. Rather, we will allow you as the UpdateAI user to map the meeting recap manually to a SFDC Account of your choosing.

More specifically, we follow this logic (for those who want more than just the TL;DR):

  1. If you are an UpdateAI user who has connected to Salesforce and you are the host of the meeting, we will first look through your Salesforce Accounts to mapped the meeting. If a mapping is found, we will create the new Salesforce Event under your SFDC username.

  2. If the host of the meeting is not an UpdateAI user we will look through the Accounts of all UpdateAI user participants who have synced their account to Salesforce -- one-by-one until we find a match and map to it.

Manually map your meetings to Salesforce

Any UpdateAI user who has synced their account to Salesforce can push a recap to Salesforce. Simply select from the Account dropdown in the top right of any meeting recap.

The account selection list in the dropdown will be drawn from that user's Salesforce account list (even if they were not the host of the meeting).

Any UpdateAI user can overwrite (modify) the Salesforce account that a recap has already been mapped to using the same dropdown described above. The previous Event created in Salesforce will be deleted and a new Event will be created under the new Account that is selected by the UpdateAI user.

Getting additional help

We know that Salesforce is the easiest software to use and that all Salesforce integrations are simple 🤣.

In all seriousness, we recognize that everyone's Salesforce setup is unique. If you have any questions about our Salesforce integration or would like to request a particular configuration of the integration, please don't hesitate to email us. Contact and let us know what's up!

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