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Why UpdateAI uses Zoom's native recording instead of a virtual bot
Why UpdateAI uses Zoom's native recording instead of a virtual bot
UpdateAI triggers the Zoom native cloud recording instead of sending a virtual bot into your meetings. This has several advantages.
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Some meeting notetakers send a "bot" into your meetings to capture the recording. You've likely seen this before. The bot serves as a virtual participant and collects the audio and video in the background (see image below).

How to Automatically Record Zoom Meetings | Grain Blog

(Example of Airbnb user sending a virtual bot participant to record a meeting)

UpdateAI has made a very conscious decision NOT to use bots. Instead, we work with the Zoom native cloud recording.

There are several advantages to recording your meetings natively through Zoom with UpdateAI.

  1. πŸ“‹ Consent dialog box - Participants can accept or decline recording

    Providing consent to be recorded – Zoom Support

  2. 🌟 Higher-quality transcription - Better video/audio bitrate leads to improved transcription and insights

  3. ⏯️ Easy control - The meeting host can easily start, stop, and pause the recording using Zoom's native controls. (No need to kick the bot out)

  4. 🚫 No extra participant - Eliminates the need for a visible recording bot.

  5. πŸ”’ Enhanced security - Provides a more secure recording environment.

  6. ⌚ Never late - Bots don't always show up on time. That's a distraction to client calls. Zoom's native recording always starts on time.

Gain back control of your meeting recordings.

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