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Why am I unable to connect my Hubspot account?
Why am I unable to connect my Hubspot account?

In order to connect your Hubspot account to UpdateAI you will need to have App Marketplace Access permissions or be an account Super Admin.

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What if I am unable to connect my CRM?

Please check to make sure that you have the proper permissions within your company to connect a 3rd party application.

The following article from Hubspot explains how to resolve a 'Request for Integration Permissions' error:

Here are some screenshots of the steps your organization admin can take to grant you App Marketplace Access permission (feel free to share this article with them).

Step 1 - Under 'Account Setup' navigate to 'Users and Teams' and select the user in question. Select to 'Edit Permissions'.

Step 2 - Go to the 'Account' tab of their profile and enable the toggle for App Marketplace Access.

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