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How to Upgrade Your Account on UpdateAI
How to Upgrade Your Account on UpdateAI

Unlock the full power of UpdateAI! Learn how to easily upgrade your account, understand permissions, and optimize your subscription.

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Welcome to UpdateAI! If you're loving our service and are considering leveling up your experience, this guide is for you. Whether you're still on a trial or already part of an Organization, we've got you covered on how to upgrade your account.

Why Upgrade: Benefits of the Pro Plan

Upgrading to our Pro Plan offers numerous advantages, the crown jewel being our industry-leading generative AI. This AI is specifically designed to help you manage client meetings effectively. As a subscriber, you can save over 5 hours per week on busywork and have a better chance of catching client churn risk signals early. To see all the features included in the Pro Plan, head over to our Pricing and Plans page.

Who Can Upgrade: Permissions and Eligibility

  • Team Owners or Admins: If you're an owner or an admin in your Organization, you have the permissions to purchase a seat for anyone else in the Organization.

  • Members: If you have a "Member" status, you can't directly upgrade your account. However, you can request an upgrade from your admin or owner. For exceptional cases, email to request a workaround.

  • Single-User Organizations: If you're the only user in an Organization, it serves as your private workspace. That means you're the owner and can upgrade anytime.

How to Upgrade: Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Navigate to Account Settings: Go to Plan and Billing.

  2. Select Plan: Choose the Pro Plan that fits your needs.

  3. Enter Payment Information: Follow the prompts to enter your billing details.

  4. Confirm Upgrade: Complete the process and look out for a confirmation email.

Payment and Pricing Details

  • Licensed Seats: We offer per-seat licensing, similar to platforms like Zoom.

  • Billing Cycle: You can subscribe on either an annual or monthly basis. Note that all licensed seats within a single Organization must be on the same billing cycle.

  • Pro-Rated Costs: Adding seats later? Don't worry; any added cost will be pro-rated.

  • License Reassignment: The flexibility of our system allows you to reassign licenses to different people within your Organization at any time. If someone leaves the team or you want to allocate a license to a different team member, you can easily make that transfer.


  • Trial Period: Feel free to upgrade anytime, even during your 2-week free trial to the Pro Plan.

  • Checking Admins: If you're a Member and want to see the list of admins in your Organization, navigate to Plan and Billing.


If you encounter any difficulties while trying to upgrade, or if you're a Member struggling to get approval, contact us at for a workaround.

Contact Support

For any other questions or special requests, our support team is here to assist you. Reach out to us at


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