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Does UpdateAI use my conversational data for training purposes?
Does UpdateAI use my conversational data for training purposes?

Discover how UpdateAI prioritizes your privacy! Learn how we safeguard your data. Your security is our top concern. #DataPrivacy

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Hey everyone,

I'm Josh Schachter, the CEO of UpdateAI, and I'm personally addressing a crucial question that many of our users and customers have about their privacy. We believe in transparency and thoroughness, so let me give you the lowdown.

So, when it comes to the question, "Does UpdateAI use my conversational data for training purposes?" the short and clear answer is, "Primarily no, and definitely not in any compromising way."

Let me break it down for you:

1. Does UpdateAI use your data to train its transcription (i.e. text-to-speech)?

No. Unlike many other conversational intelligence platforms, we've invested in a completely secure and private transcription service.

2. Does UpdateAI use your data to train its AI prompts?

Yes, we do use data to enhance our AI prompts, but only after it has been fully anonymized to ensure your privacy. At UpdateAI, we've developed advanced proprietary models for prompt engineering, which interact with the conversational intelligence LLM models used by our platform. These prompt engineering models are trained using sanitized transcription excerpts from our extensive dataset of call recordings.

To guarantee the protection of your personal information, we rigorously remove all personally identifiable information (PII) from every data source, including transcription files and calendar metadata. This process strips out names, dates, specific numbers, company names, and usernames, ensuring that your privacy is maintained while still enhancing the quality of our service.

Furthermore, for Enterprise customers, there is an option to opt out entirely, preventing even anonymized data from being used to improve our prompt engineering capabilities.

What is prompt engineering? Prompt engineering involves creating tailored prompts that guide our AI in generating responses that are accurate, relevant, and contextually appropriate. This process is critical in ensuring our AI understands and responds to queries effectively.

3. Does UpdateAI use your data to train any large-language-models (LLMs)?

No. We invest in using completely private and secure LLM models.

I hope this article clears up any privacy concerns you might have. If you have more questions or need further reassurance regarding your security and privacy, feel free to reach out to me at If you ever need to request for data to be deleted from your account, email

Warm regards,

Josh Schachter

CEO, UpdateAI

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