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How do I address concerns or questions about my meetings being recorded?
How do I address concerns or questions about my meetings being recorded?

Learn about UpdateAI's privacy and compliance, and how to communicate that back to your customer. We've also included a handy template.

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Embracing AI in the era of AI: UpdateAI Enhances Meeting Experiences

We understand that the idea of AI and recording meetings might raise concerns. At UpdateAI, we believe the benefits for you and all participants outweigh any discomfort. To facilitate communication with your customers, we've crafted a template message for you to share with them. Feel free to copy, personalize, and let us know the outcome.

Message Template:

At [Your Company Name], we're committed to more than just driving sales. Our focus is on cultivating meaningful relationships and engaging in transparent dialogues with you.

Capturing your feedback and ensuring thorough follow-through on action items is paramount. Balancing this with our extensive meeting schedules while providing you with our full attention is challenging. That's why we've integrated UpdateAI as our note-taking and customer intelligence tool.

Going forward, all our customer meetings will be recorded via UpdateAI. We're eager to share the recordings, summaries, and action items with you. Before requesting to stop a recording, we encourage you to review the FAQ below, explore, and discuss any concerns with your [Your Company Name] representative.

Thank you for collaborating with us to enhance our service,

The [Your Company Name] Team

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does UpdateAI use your data for transcription training? No.

  2. Is your data used for AI prompt engineering? Yes, with full anonymization. Our proprietary models and in-house team analyze sanitized data, ensuring your privacy while upholding service quality.

  3. Does UpdateAI train large-language-models (LLM) with your data? No.

  4. Is your data used for training ChatGPT? No.

  5. Is UpdateAI SOC 2 and GDPR compliant? Absolutely! We're SOC2, Type II compliant as well as GDPR and CCRA compliant. Request our full report here or email

  6. How does UpdateAI secure your data? We adhere to security best practices with end-to-end encryption, SAST and DAST analysis, and rigorous security reviews, including Zoom's partnership program protocols. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Learn more about our security protocol here.

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