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Installing and using the UpdateAI app for Slack
Installing and using the UpdateAI app for Slack

This explains how to connect UpdateAI to your Slack account so you can get recaps via Slack.

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How users benefit from connecting their Slack account to UpdateAI

Connecting your Slack account allows UpdateAI to send you a Slack message in near-instant time after your meeting has ended - this way you'll immediately be able to review your meeting and know what action items were assigned.

What information gets sent to Slack

In Slack, UpdateAI will send you the most important pieces of the recap from your meeting, including:

  • A list of all detected action items

  • A link to view the entire transcript and video replay on the UpdateAI site

Note: The UpdateAI app for Slack does not currently respond to messages entered by the user into Slack.

How to install the UpdateAI app for Slack

Note: The email address of the Slack account you connect must match the email address that you used to sign up for UpdateAI.

  • Navigate to the Integrations tab of your UpdateAI account settings

  • Select the "Download UpdateAI app for Slack" button and accept the permissions to connect to Slack.

You'll receive a welcome message from the UpdateAI app for Slack to inform you that the connection has been made successfully. 👇

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