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How does UpdateAI know whether a meeting is 'internal' or 'external'?
How does UpdateAI know whether a meeting is 'internal' or 'external'?

We use the email addresses of your meeting invitees to detect whether a meeting is 'internal', 'external', or 'unmatched'.

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Meeting Definitions

UpdateAI treats meetings that are with internal stakeholders at your company different from meetings that have external stakeholders (and therefore are more likely to be calls with customers).

"Internal" meeting = everyone on the calendar invitation for your meeting shares the same email domain as your UpdateAI user account.

E.g. If my UpdateAI account is, and I have a meeting with calendar invitees who all have an email address, then the system will consider this an internal meeting.

"External" meeting = one or more of the invitees on the calendar invitation for your meeting has an email domain that is different from your own.

"Unmatched" meeting = there are times when we cannot map your recent meeting to an event in your calendar. One common reason for this is if you started an instant meeting in Zoom. Generally we will treat unmatched meetings the same or similar to internal meetings.

How does UpdateAI treat internal and external meetings differently?

As our product evolves this list will change. But certain things like the categories we include on the Smart Summary™️ of your recap will vary based on whether your meeting is internal or external.

The daily meeting cheatsheet email only includes external meetings.

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