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Streamline Meeting Organization with Internal Company Tags
Streamline Meeting Organization with Internal Company Tags

No CRM? No problem. UpdateAI can still help you group recaps by customer account, no setup needed.

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๐Ÿ’ก PRO TIP: For optimal meeting organization, connect your CRM account if possible. Internal Company Tags are a solid alternative but linking to Salesforce or HubSpot offers added benefits. Learn more about our CRM integrations here.

Why Use Internal Company Tags

If you don't have a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot to link with, or you're just looking for a simpler way to organize by customer accounts, try Internal Company Tags.

When you invite external attendees to a meeting, UpdateAI scans the email domain (e.g., and auto-generates a company tag for you.

While these tags are only functional within UpdateAI, they offer the same benefits as connecting a CRM. You can sort meetings by customer account across different areas of the platform such as your dashboard and the Voice of the Customer Intelligence engine.

How Internal Tags Work: Three Scenarios

1. No CRM Connected:

An internal tag is auto-created for any meeting with external invitees. If invitees have different email domains (e.g. and, no tag is generated in order to avoid errors. You can manually create one later.

2. CRM Connected, No Match Found:

If there's no CRM match, UpdateAI will auto-create an internal tag based on the external invitee's email domain.

3. CRM Connected and Match Found:

Your meeting summary will link to the matching CRM account by default. You can manually switch to an internal tag if you prefer.

Manually Applying an Internal Tag

  1. Go to the meeting recap.

  2. Click "Connect to customer account".

  3. Type the domain in the search field.

  4. Choose from the available domains listed at the modal's bottom.

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