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How does UpdateAI capture your meeting recordings?
How does UpdateAI capture your meeting recordings?

UpdateAI fetches your native Zoom cloud recording moments after your meeting ends. This approach is more secure than using a bot.

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UpdateAI will capture and recap both your scheduled and on-demand (instant) meetings. This requires access to your Google Calendar and Zoom accounts.

Through its Zoom integration, UpdateAI works by fetching Zoom's cloud recording of your meeting. This happens after your meeting as soon as the recording has been processed by Zoom (we do this automatically; there is no action required by you).

The time for Zoom to process the recording after your meeting depends on the length of the meeting. Generally it is in the range of 5 to 10 minutes.

(View of Zoom's in-meeting cloud recording)

UpdateAI then processes the audio of that recording into text and runs our proprietary data models on top of that text to detect the action items and other key parts of speech.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO TURN ON THE RECORDING WHEN YOUR MEETING STARTS. Through UpdateAI's integration with your Zoom account we will automatically turn on the recording when your meeting begins.

That being said, if you notice that Zoom is not recording your meeting, or you would like to regain manual control of the recording controls (like to pause the recording), you may do so at any time.

(Here is a helpful article on how to record your meetings on Zoom)

What happens if my meeting contains multiple cloud recordings?

Sometimes in meetings it's necessary to start and stop your Zoom cloud recording multiple times. We understand. UpdateAI will handle this use case and stitch together those multiple recordings into your unified meeting recap.

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