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Can I delete my Zoom recordings?
Can I delete my Zoom recordings?

Running low on space for your Zoom cloud recording storage? You may delete any meeting recordings after UpdateAI has retrieved them.

Updated over a week ago

For any meeting that you want UpdateAI to process, Zoom will need to create a cloud recording of that meeting (UpdateAI will trigger Zoom to record automatically).

Please be aware that Zoom has a storage limit to the overall size of recordings you can store. Zoom will let you know when you are approaching that limit.

As your limit approaches, we advise for you to delete your recordings from Zoom to clear up space. Go to the 'Recordings' section of your account settings to do that:

Note that when you delete a recording inside of Zoom's portal, it will NOT delete your recap for that meeting on UpdateAI.

Unlike Zoom, UpdateAI does NOT have a storage space limit for meeting recaps.

So go ahead and feel free to clear up space on

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