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How to recover a deleted Zoom cloud recording?
How to recover a deleted Zoom cloud recording?

Managing Your Recordings: Activating Deletion on UpdateAI and Retrieving Deleted Zoom Cloud Recordings

Updated over a week ago

We highly suggest that you activate the option for UpdateAI to remove the original Zoom cloud recording once we have successfully processed your meeting. By doing so, you'll prevent maxing out your storage capacity on Zoom's cloud. Instead, you can take advantage of the unlimited storage provided by UpdateAI.

However, there may be instances where an error occurs during the processing of your meeting recap on UpdateAI. In such a case, you might need to retrieve the original recording from Zoom.

If you need to recover a recording that has been deleted by UpdateAI due to your set recording preferences, don't worry. Here are easy-to-follow instructions to help you retrieve your original recording:

Please note, Zoom enforces a retrieval time limit. You are required to recover any necessary recordings within 30 days. After this period, Zoom may no longer be able to restore your recording.

Simply navigate to to recover meetings deleted within 30 days.

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