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What is the status of my meeting recap? (and why I am unable to access it?)
What is the status of my meeting recap? (and why I am unable to access it?)

Your meeting recap is accessible inside the portal as soon "Ready" appears in the Past Meetings tab. There are also other states...

Updated over a week ago

Possible states for a meeting recap

Meeting status

What it means

Availability of recap


Indicates that the meeting is still in progress

Meeting recap will not yet be accessible (clickable)


Meeting has ended but the meeting recording is still being retrieved from Zoom. (UpdateAI does not have control over the length of the Zoom processing time.)

Meeting recap will not yet be accessible


Meeting recording has been retrieved from the Zoom cloud and transcribed by UpdateAI. The Smart Summary™️ (AI) insights are still processing (usually takes ~5-20 min).

Meeting recap can be viewed while waiting for the Smart Summary™️ to be generated.


UpdateAI has retrieved and processed the meeting recording from Zoom.

✅ The meeting recap is ready to be viewed.


The meeting recording could not be retrieved from Zoom.

UpdateAI currently requires that you have a PAID Zoom plan.

The meeting recap will not become available. Contact and we will try our best to troubleshoot the error. Provide us with the date, time, and title of the meeting.


We detected <500 characters of dialogue in the conversation. This often occurs when a meeting is recorded only briefly in the beginning while participants are waiting to join.

✅ The meeting recap is ready to be viewed. However it will not include any AI insights.


This meeting was not recorded, generally because it did not occur.

If the Zoom meeting was launched (started) 10+ minutes before its scheduled start time, or 10+ minutes after the scheduled start time, UpdateAI will recognize it as a new meeting. The original calendared meeting will show "No meeting recorded"

There is no meeting recap.


UpdateAI failed to retrieve the Zoom meeting recording.

There are two reasons why this typically happens:

(1) When another recording service like downloads and deletes the recording before UpdateAI can access it. To prevent this, adjust your settings to stop it from deleting your video recordings.

(2) Your "Participant Audio Files" have not been enabled within your Zoom account. Follow these steps to resolve this issue.

There is no meeting recap.

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